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Your visit to Agape Chiropractic can range from a quick personalized adjustment to a thorough investigation and relief from long term pain and dysfunction…in ANY part of the body.  Through a variety of therapeutic techniques as described below, you will come to know a life free from many of the restrictions you thought you had to live with forever.    Ever been treated by someone and felt something still nagging?  Most providers do only one or 2 of these services and help “some”.  Dr. Josh employs all these techniques in whatever way is needed to get to the root of your problem.  He does not just “rack ’em and crack ’em!  Whatever is involved in your issues, he gets to the bottom of them.

A brief List – see descriptions below.

Adjustments free you body of joint restrictions and nerve impingements Myofascial release – muscle and fascial adhesions released                           Exercises – Conditioning, not strengthening or stretching                                  Traction – reforming your spinal curves to their true potential                             Dietary advice – you’ve never heard most of these amazing preventions  – free Therapy Tables – extra massage/traction/stimulation tables to enhance release


Every joint in the body can get “stuck”.  We call this a subluxation.  We don’t feel these subluxations, but they can cause restricted movement and create tension that leads to more and more pain.  When a subluxation happens in your spine, it can put pressure on the nerves coming out of it.  Nerves to every part of your body (skin, intestines, muscles, face, everything!) come from the spinal cord and can be impinged by a subluxation.  Again, you will not FEEL this impingement, you will just have dysfunction – inability to move, pain with movement, indigestion, swelling ANYWHERE in the body- all these things can be caused by subluxations.  ADJUSTMENTS release the fixation as gently as possible, so your nerves can go back to processing the way your body needs.  Different parts of the spine need different types of adjustments.  Don’t be satisfied with a quick back crack that ignores the REAL areas of tension causing these subluxations.  Your provider should be able to tell you the real causes so you can learn to care for YOURSELF.


We’ve all heard of muscle strain and sprain and knots and trigger points and adhesions.  Did you know that any of these can be the culprit in decades of pain and dysfunction?  And they can sometimes be relieved in 1 visit!  Dr. Josh is expertly gifted at finding all of these, wherever they may hide and getting rid of them.  Don’t be miserable for weeks, months, years, decades, when you could be free from this torment!


Let’s face it!  Either you exercise already or you don’t.  Maybe 1% of us will change our patterns when challenged.  I present to you a NEW way of exercising.  One you can easily understand, one I will not hide from you, but will tell you plainly right here.  The normal way we think of exercising is strengthening muscles and stretching muscles.  Making us stronger and looser, right?  Ask yourself why we need these things.  Of course a weak muscle should be strengthened and a tight one stretched, but how do these happen in the first place?  By strengthening and stretching, aren’t we just fixing the symptom and not the cause?

The CAUSE – core conditioning.  We’ve heard of exercising the core – meaning stomach exercises, but I’m talking about the core of the body, the anchor of the muscles – the spine.  If we condition the spine, our muscles will not be imbalanced to begin with!  There are several extremely simple “exercises” that can condition your body to prevent the imbalances that lead to awkward muscles.  No this does not replace regular exercise and activity that generates blood flow, coordination, and health in general.  But wouldn’t you rather be exercising and using your arms, legs, torso in symmetrical ways so all the muscles are used like they should be and not form knots and atrophy and pains?  How can you do this if your spine is crooked or locked up?

Through adjustments, that release locked up joints, and these core exercises, there is no reason you should be locked up or need to do complex corrective exercise again.  And whose to say, maybe doing these easy movement exercises everyday, you don’t get locked up in the first place, and you don’t need to come see me!!


Disc herniations? Pinched nerves? Osteoarthritis?  Sciatica? Numbness and Tingling?  How many of us have one of these or knows several people who do?  How many years have you had these?  How many doctors have told you there is nothing you can do about it?  How much PT have you done, only to have the pain return after all treatments are done, just as if you’d never treated it?  I had debilitating back and feet pain for 20 years.  20 YEARS!  I saw 30 doctors, had 3 different shots, tried every medication there is, every natural remedy, every exercise and stretch, even had surgery and something analogous to lithotripsy – hammering the painful areas over and over, 10/10 pain causing sweating and inability to breath…Nothing helped….Until I encountered traction.

Traction is a simple biomechanical stretch to loosen the chronically tight joints.  Joints are connected by ligaments – LIGAMENTS – the real enemy to stability and flexibility.  Why we get these tight joints is long and sordid, but essentially, not moving much in an area causes the ligaments to become dry and sticky and hardened, and the discs to suffer excess pressure in the stuck parts, causing tearing and drying out over time.  Also, extra bone forms around the joint (osteoarthritis) to stabilize the joint and protect the damaged disc.  This continues till there is so much damage, our lower back muscles clamp down to keep the whole area from moving at all.  We think of it as severe pain, but the body is shouting out “Stop moving!  You’re killing this disc!”

Traction is slowly stretching these ligaments in a way the body can accept to open the area, heal the disc, and relieve pain and tension.  It cured my disc destruction and arthritis after 20 years and it can do the same for anybody who is currently alive.  I had “degenerative disc” , “arthritis”, “sciatica”, “canal stenosis”  You name it….NO MORE.



Dietary advice can be sooooo complicated.  You can do a million things and still be missing one core necessity.  I am in favor of a shotgun approach.  Rather than take a bunch of stuff to treat a problem, if we do a few easy things to keep healthy, we can prevent and get rid of tons of problems we’ve been told are incurable.  There are too many solutions to list here, but a few core habits can make a world of difference.  A good organic superfood can treat innumerable diseases and issues.  Come in for a visit and get any questions answered for free.  Any illness or disease can be prevented.  ANY.




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holistic chiropractic

Through the release of bone/ligament fixations, knotted and/or strained muscles, and the realignment of your spine, your body is able to achieve amazing new freedom!  Prenatal mothers, infants and children, athletes, elderly, laborers, students, desk workers, and especially all you who think you can’t be helped.   A thorough exam and clear explanation of the problem can be expected, not to mention…A SOLUTION.

Physical Rehabilitation

Learn how to maintain a comfortable and healthy posture.  With a variety of targeted tools, we help you achieve your goals:

  • Therapeutic techniques like Active Release, Targeted muscle and facial therapies,
  • Specific exercises tailored to your situation
  • Unique and personalized dietary advice
  • Aqua massage bed (described by patients as “Heaven”)
  • Intersegmental traction table
  • Extended specified traction for spinal curve correction
  • Extremities – shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees, ankles…




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Catalina Berumen
Dr. Josh is extremely patient and thorough. He takes the time to get to know your chiropractic health needs. Thank you Dr. Josh!
Catalina Berumen
Laura Will
Dr. Josh Hoxter is a great doctor. He’s very warm and kind and he gives you his full attention during the visit. I’m always amazed to hear all those “cracks” during adjustment but I feel so much better afterwards! Along with the adjustment he welcomes you to use some pretty cool equipment during your visit, including the aqua bed, the “roller” and a few others and explains exactly how they’ll help you. He instructs you on different exercises to do and things to quit doing and why specifically they’re bad (or good) for you. Dr. Josh is very holistic, a great chiropractor, and I’d recommend their practice to anyone.
Laura Will
McKinzie Newman
My dad has dealt with back pain for years. He came from out of state to visit me. The day he arrived, he couldn’t even put on his own socks. He was able to be seen at Agape Chiropractic the next morning, and he was immensely helped. By the end of the week, he was even able to play racquetball. Thank you for seeing him and helping him. Our visit was much more enjoyable without him being in pain the whole time.
McKinzie Newman
Maria Crews
We drove from Missouri for Christmas in Virginia, and my dad was in terrible pain from all the driving. He was quickly and easily scheduled at Agape, and we can’t say enough good. Dad has said he wishes Agape was in our town. He didn’t realize chiropractors could be as thorough, professional, and gentle as he found here. It took three days of painful driving to get to VA, and it’s taken only two comfortable days to drive home to MO. We highly recommend this place!
Maria Crews
Tonya Bohannan
We have been going here to see doctor Patrick and continue to go here and now that it has switched over to doctor Josh and always have a great experiences! He gives you some wonderful advice on supplements and practical physical therapy tips on how to strengthen the muscles that may be weak and are causing the issue.
Tonya Bohannan
Robert Lindstrom
Great service and very accommodating!
Robert Lindstrom
Global H
Always receive comprehensive, caring and very knowledgeable treatment at Agape. Dr Luke has a holistic view of treatment which goes a long way to helping recovery. Highly recommended.
Global H
Cisco Jablonski
Agape is like no other place in the 757. I have been going to Dr. Josh for a few years and he always brings healing and insight to my pain. If you want to go someplace where you they listen and genuinely wish to see you improve, look no further. A++
Cisco Jablonski
This place is great! Dr. Josh is knowledgeable and you get a lot of care for what you pay. If I was still in the area, I’d be reluctant to write a review in fear of driving too much traffic here.